Federal Republic of Germany

Area: 357,023 km2
Population: 81,800.000
16 states
Climate: temporal seasonal
Capital: Berlin – 3.5 million

Germany is a country of great contrasts. There are the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in the north with beautiful long sandy beaches and little islands and high snow- covered mountains – the Alps – in the south. In Germany you find large lake districts, hills, vineyards, rivers, romantic castles and palasts. There are natural parks all over the country, but also a lot of vast industrial and commercial areas.


State: North Rhine-Westphalia km2
Area: 89,54 km2
Population: 160.000

Solingen is famous all over the world for knifes,
scissors and cutlery. SOLINGEN is called the
City of Blades. It is near the cities Cologne
and Düsseldorf in a beautiful area called
Bergisches Land.

Realschule Vogelsang

Our school is a coeducational secondary state school for pupils aged 10 to 16. The school is in a surburbian
area of Solingen. It draws pupils from middle-class
families as well as from disadvantaged areas. The school integrates pupils of various ethnic origins. All our students learn English for six years and French for one or four years. Our school has a Montessori branch, which means self-directed learning in a prepared environment. Our school has a particular interest in natural science, vocational training, health care, social training and sports.
There are great sports facilities for all kinds of sports outside, 5 gyms and a free climbing hall.
Teachers Team
Our team has been working successfully in
all kinds of projects for several years.
We participated in a Comenius – project
before and gained a lot of experience for
our present project. We all speak English,
which makes communication easier
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