Capitalcity: Bratislava (450 thousand inhabitants)

Slovakiais quite a small country with population of about 5.5 million. It issituated in the Central Europe. They say it is „the heart of Europe“, becausethe geographical centre of our continent lies just in the middle of Slovakia. Inspite of its small area  it has lots ofnatural beauties such as high mountains, beautiful valleys, deep caves,numerous rivers and clear waterfalls, unique faunaand flora. Slovakia is also well-known for its thermalsprings and spa towns (best-known of them, Piestany, attracts visitors from allover the world). Except for the sea we have almost everything even the giantmountains - the High Tatras. Our nature is protected in 9 national parks (5 ofthem  are in Poprad´s surroundings) and 14natural reserves.

Severalof our cultural and natural properties were inscribed into the UNESCO’s WorldHeritage List. Bardejov and Banská Štiavnica's historical centre and itstechnical monuments, Spiš Castle - the biggest castle in central Europe,Vlkolínec village with its wooden houses documenting our traditions andculture, wooden churches situated in eastern Slovakia are just examples of ourhistorical monuments inscribed into the List. We would also like to mentionsome natural treasures from the UNESCO list, such as unique caves lying inSlovak Paradise or Oak Primaeval Forest in North-East Slovakia.

A bit of recent history

Slovakia used to be part offormer Czechoslovakia. However, after the peaceful Velvet Revolution,Czechoslovakia split into two independent states. The Slovak Republic and theCzech Republic went their separate ways after 1 January 1993, an eventsometimes called the Velvet Divorce. Slovakia has remained a close partner withthe Czech Republic. Both countries cooperate with Hungary and Poland in the VisegrádGroup. Slovakia became a member of NATO on 29 March 2004 and of the EuropeanUnion on 1 May 2004. On 1 January 2009, Slovakia adopted the Euro as itsnational currency.


Our school is a secondary vocational type,aimed at technical subjects such as electrotechnics, engineering, informationtechnologies,  mechatronics, CNC programming, heavy and weak current andalso sales management. It is an apprentice school so it also provides thepractical education. There are  3, 4, 5year study courses. According to the number of students in the region of Popradour school belongs to the smaller ones. Nowadays we have only 305 students, outof them there are just 4 girls.  Inaddition to that, our vocational apprentice school provides study also forstudents that have educational difficulties. The students commute from the fourdistricts. Many of them also come from socially disadvantaged families. 


The school is located in Poprad, a town lyingin the north of Slovakia with a population of about 60 thousand. It is situatedin Matejovce, which is  an industrialpart of Poprad. In its Industrial Zone there are several factories andenterprises.

Thanks to its location the town of Poprad isa dynamically developing administrative, economic, cultural and socialcentre of the region below the Tatras. Besides The Tatra National park it isalso surrounded by The Slovak Paradise National park, The Pieniny Nationalpark  (the first border international park in Europe). As it is  visited by many tourists it is alsoconcentrated on travel trade and sports facilities
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